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Welcome to the Good Egg Guide to keeping your child safe at home.

For babies and young children, the family home is their world. As they grow, it becomes a big world of discovery with new experiences waiting around every corner. This is how they learn - but all too often, learning by mistake can lead to serious injury in the place where they should be safest of all.

Every year in the UK, over a million children under the age of fifteen are taken to hospital following accidents in and around the home. That equates to nearly 3000 every single day. Over half of these children are under five years old.

Child Safety Poster

So read on and think about what YOU can do to make sure your children can always feel as safe as houses in their own home.

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Also available as a Child Safety Resource is The Good Egg Guide to In-Car Child Safety please visit www.goodeggcarsafety.com for further information.

Welcome to Good Egg In-Home Child Safety.

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